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  1. Deck Knight

    CaP Updates IOA Tutors

    I like the initial spreadsheet. Some thoughts: Scale Shot Smokomodo: The entire issue with Flame Charge was Tech STAB Flame Charge would have been incredible momentum, with an effective base power of 112.5. Scale Shot can hit this on 3 hits or more, so about 67% of the time. On the other hand...
  2. Deck Knight

    Media Videogame thread

    Unfortunately, 60 bucks is the going rate for a first party A1 Switch title, and the likelihood you'll ever find it on sale is incredibly low. Personally I'm finding it quite enjoyable as mash up of BotW and Warriors mechanics. They chose a really solid foundation to build upon for a Warriors...
  3. Deck Knight

    Media Videogame thread

    Master Kohga is hilarious and you will quote everything he says. "Yiga Clan ASSEMBLE! Except for me. *Dissappears.*" ~Master Kohga
  4. Deck Knight

    Headlines “Politics” [read the OP before posting]

    Request to change brackets in title to [The TRUMPening]. It's not all in yet, but Trump is crushing his 2016 numbers in Florida. Maine is also trending his way, but it's so rural it could be a while. Portland is sitting on Biden w/ a 3000 vote advantage. It also seems like Rhode Island is legit...
  5. Deck Knight

    Media Videogame thread

    Egg Guardian in Age of Calamity is ridiculously cute and I love how they give hom that stylized tapestry sprite. He's like a cyberpunk doggo. Do wish there was a third mission in the demo where you could play Zelda from the start. I like that the game appears relatively non-linear, you can...
  6. Deck Knight

    Pokémon Heatran

    I can say with confidence that the burn is incredibly useful in conjunction with the Magma Storm trapping. I ran a set of Magma Storm/Substitute/Scorching Sands/Taunt and it absolutely mauls Toxapex and Slowking that switch in (provided you actually hit Magma Storm). Magma Storm trapping + burn...
  7. Deck Knight

    Pokémon Entei

    Entei is differentiated by its combination of attack-reduction resistance and strong priority. The best set is Inner Focus Jolly with Sacred Fire / Extreme Speed / Stone Edge / [Bulldoze / Stomping Tantrum] and either Life Orb or Heavy-Duty Boots. Entei can't afford being locked into a move and...
  8. Deck Knight

    Pokémon Regieleki

    Has to be my favorite Crown Tundra mon, easily. It has a defined role with very little possibility for mission creep. Incredibly fast momentum + chip with Volt Switch, Thunder Cage being able to limit a double switch on prediction if the opponent switches in a resist instead of an immunity, and...
  9. Deck Knight

    SPOILERS! [Crown Tundra!] List of Movepool Changes

    Personally I am not miffed the Tapus only got minor buffs (if any). Since when were Tapus bad? Even with the Terrain nerf it's still a LO boost, and getting better Terrain setters for Electric and Psychic Terrain is a huge plus. Don't see why Bulu should complain at all, Close Combat is a...
  10. Deck Knight

    SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword and Shield Datamine Thread

    I have thoughts. Regidrago: Basically Hairiyama 2.0, but with deplorable coverage and nothing to hit Fairies. Mighy be a decent physical wall with Breaking Swipe. Regileki: Viable Electro Ball user, interesting trapping option, utterly pathetic coverage but at least Extreme Speed is a thing. No...
  11. Deck Knight

    Fun Fact: The first Pokemon I ever raised to Level 100 was a Sandslash. Forget if it was in Red...

    Fun Fact: The first Pokemon I ever raised to Level 100 was a Sandslash. Forget if it was in Red or Blue version. I used it in Pokemon Stadium, and loved that it's Body Slam animation had it curl up into a spike ball.
  12. Deck Knight

    Sauce for French Fries

    Salt and Vinegar from UR to S Rank. That is some good kick.
  13. Deck Knight

    CAP 28 - Name Submissions

    WIP Draquinox Drake + hydroquinone (chemical agent in beetle defense mechanism)+ Noxious Pronounced: Dray-quin-nox
  14. Deck Knight

    CAP 28 - Part 8 - Moveset Discussion

    I think the definitive argument against hazards is that they are incredibly passive, and have little relevance to the Pokemon we are targeting. One of the reasons we even have this concept is the complete proliferation of Heavy-Duty Boots on Pokemon that used to run Leftovers almost exclusively...
  15. Deck Knight

    CAP 28 - Prevo # Poll

    One None Two
  16. Deck Knight

    CAP 28 - Prevo # Discussion

    Going with One. This particular mon has incredibly outstanding stats, and it's rare for single stagers to have stats like 135 in an offense. Dhelmise is the only Pokemon I can think of that is similar in this regard (131 in Attack), but I think since Bugs (and indeed, Dragons) so heavily focus...
  17. Deck Knight

    CAP 28 - Art Poll 4

  18. Deck Knight

    CAP 28 - Art Poll 3

    BlorengeRhymes Quanyails Golurkyourself Shadowshocker Amamama
  19. Deck Knight

    CAP 28 - Art Poll 2

    BlorengeRhymes Pinesmoke Quanyails KoA
  20. Deck Knight

    CAP 28 - Part 8 - Moveset Discussion

    My recommendation is replace it with Aromatherapy. Same local effect, but more team support. It was nice Refresh had double the PP though. Wanted to post more about moves now that we have a lot of submissions. Status Moves: I agree with the general argument on allowing Hypnosis but not Sleep...